Jifeng Liu is Assistant Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at Xiamen University in China and was previously Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Germany, where he still is a research partner. He received his PhD from Leiden University. Currently, he is working on the National Social Science Fund project – Ethnic and Cultural Identities of Chinese Christians in Southeast Asia in the Era of the Belt and Road Initiative. As a sociologist, his research revolves around the interplay of ethnicity, religion and politics, in particular migration and religion, overseas Chinese, religious and ethnic diversity in Southeast Asia.

刘计峰,荷兰莱顿大学哲学博士,厦门大学南洋研究院助理教授;曾任德国马克斯·普朗克宗教与族群多样性研究所(马普所)博士后研究员,目前兼任马普所研究合伙人 (research partner);主持2018年度国家社科基金项目《“一带一路”背景下东南亚华人基督徒的族群身份与中华文化认同研究》;学术兴趣为宗教、族群与政治的交错互动,重点关注移民与宗教、海外华人、东南亚宗教与族群的多样性。